WCS Cambodia

Demarcating the Forest Estate

WCS has been working with the Forestry Administration and the Ministry of Environment since late 2007 to demarcate significant portions of Cambodia's Forest Estate in two heavily forested provinces - Preah Vihear and Mondulkiri. In addition to actually demarcating the estate, which is a core objective of the National Forestry Program, the work has refined a process of demarcation that can be applied elsewhere across the country in an efficient, cost-effective and participative manner.

Forest demarcation helps to mitigate one of the greatest threats to forest land in Cambodia, as it makes uncontrolled clearance and the issuance of illegal land concessions more difficult. It is therefore an important tool to slow the rate of forest loss, reduce associated livelihood and environmental impacts and improve governance. At the same time a transparent, consultative process is crucial to avoid negative impacts on communities and to ensure genuine consensus between government agencies.


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