Education & Sarus Cranes

WCS Project staff also raise awareness of Sarus Cranes by informing people about the ecological requirements of the birds, their behaviour and the impact that egg and chick collection and hunting has on the overall population. Increasing the understanding of the biology of cranes, providing information on interesting aspects of their behavior, and making sure people understand the rarity of Sarus Cranes is a key aspect of building support for their conservation amongst local people.

Education activities are implemented in the communities surrounding the Ang Trapeang Thmor Sarus Crance reserve. Topics also include the protected status of Sarus Cranes under national law and the rules and regulations of the conservation area. We also will raise awareness on the negative impacts a high use of chemicals and fertilizers has on animals, including humans and encourage farmers to adopt green techniques inside the conservation areas.

Schools are also regularly visited as a part of the awareness raising campaign.


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