Monitoring Tiger Prey

Biological monitoring activities have so far focused on estimating densities of Tiger prey species within the Seima Protection Forest core site. In 2008 researchers estimated these figures by repeatedly walking a number of line transects and recording their observations of Gaur, Banteng, Sambar, Red Muntjac and Wild Pig.

The total survey effort for line transects was 1353 km, which represents an eight-fold increase from that invested in previous years. 14 transects were walked 32 times each between December of 2007 and May 2008. The density estimates obtained in this way are the first of their kind to be obtained for any of these species in Cambodia to date and thus this most recent survey effort was deemed to be a great success.

Camera Trapping was carried out on a small scale ad-hoc basis throughout the season at locations surmised to be suitable for tigers and other key species. No tiger captures were obtained, however.

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