Tiger Conservation Strategies & Partners

Activities so far have focused on developing a law enforcement programme to protect the remaining populations of Tigers and their prey. The effectiveness of these interventions is monitored through the use of specialised computer software, while their long-term impact on wildlife populations is monitored through an ecological monitoring program.

This law enforcement effort is supplemented by a participatory land-use planning process. This helps to protect the rights of local people through securing traditional land tenure rights, as well as building their capacity to engage in natural resource management and develop their livelihood options.

A Tiger detection dog programme has also been initiated to locate Tiger sign in the Seima Protection Forest landscape. This will facilitate an estimate of the minimum number of individual Tigers that persist within the landscape.

These activities are conducted in collaboration with several partners. The Liz Claiborne/Art Ortenberg Foundation (LCAOF) has supported much of the law enforcement, particularly the construction and functioning of the patrol posts. The WCS/Panthera Tigers Forever initiative has supported much of the biological monitoring.

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