Sarus Crane Conservation Strategies & Partners

The project's goal is to ensure the conservation of a viable population of Sarus Cranes in Southeast Asia, through long-term protection of the most intact remaining nesting and feeding sites in Cambodia.

Conservation interventions focus on working with local communities, Government agencies and other conservation partners to improve management and protection of Sarus Cranes at some of the most important non-breeding season refuges. The principal site is the Ang Trapeang Thmor (ATT) Sarus Crane Reserve, a permanently flooded, man-made reservoir situated in Banteay Meanchey Province, north-west Cambodia.

In addition to ensuring that Sarus Cranes at the ATT are protected, conservation staff also conduct annual surveys of crane numbers to determine population size and monitor project success. Education campaigns help to raise local awareness of Sarus Cranes, and a nest protection scheme protects the cranes at their key breeding sites in Cambodia's Northern Plains.


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