Ibis & Other Waterbirds

WCS has provided technical advice to the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) on the protection and monitoring of Ibis and other large-bodied waterbirds at two key sites, the Tonle Sap Great Lake and the Northern Plains.

The Tonle Sap Great Lake large waterbird colonies, discovered in the mid-1990s, are of global importance. The colonies include the largest, and some cases the only, breeding populations in South-East Asia of seven species of global conservation significance.

The Northern Plains of Cambodia support probably the largest breeding global population of Giant Ibis (Pseudibis gigantea) and until recently was the only known nesting site in mainland Asia of White-shouldered Ibis (P. davisoni). These critically endangered birds, which were found in very small numbers, are now increasing as a result of our support for conservation activities.

Ibis and other waterbirds face critical threats as a result of trade-driven hunting and chick and egg collection at both sites. In response, WCS assists the RGC in the implementation of ranger- and community-based nest protection and monitoring activities.



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