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December 31, 2009

WCS-Cambodia has provided technical advice to law enforcement monitoring staff in the Tonle Sap Biosphere Reserve (TSBR) to facilitate the introduction of MIST (Management Information SysTem) software. MIST has been specifically designed to service protected area management needs, providing a standardized, computer-based system for recording wildlife and human activities during ranger patrols, and generating map-based information for use in decision-making and planning.

The introduction of MIST complements Site-based management activities that were already underway in the three Core Areas of the TSBR–Prek Toal, Boeung Tonle Chhmar and Stung Sen. At all of these sites, Ranger teams conducted monthly patrols and management activities, but there was no standard reporting formats or data readily available on patrol extent, wildlife species recorded or illegal activities encountered. Consequently, managers possessed insufficient information with which to make necessary decisions regarding resource management and protection.

Implementation of MIST has served to increase ranger capacity to record standardized data, including training on species identification, and to increase capacity for site-based management, through providing data to site managers and higher Government authorities. Outputs include reports on Ranger patrol coverage and areas visited, as well as wildlife encountered, and standardized indicators that allow trends in patrol activities to be tracked over time.