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August 02, 2010

The photo above show what happens when an elephant decides he does not to be photographed. This is a remote camera that was installed by a research team from the Seima Protection Forest at a mineral lick to capture images of wildlife using the area. A sequence of images was captured of two females elephants and two calves passing the camera, before an adult male followed along the same path. However, the adult male realized that the camera was present, and decided that he did not want to be photographed, tearing the camera from its position and throwing it to the ground.

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Studying wildlife in dense forest is difficult as visibility is often very poor. The use of remote cameras, or 'camera-trapping', enables researchers to detect the presence of many species which are normally very wary of humans. Camera trapping requires a significant degree of skill and experience to ensure that the cameras are set correctly at the paths and salt licks that target species are likely to use. It can also be hazardous for the cameras, as this photo demonstrates!

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