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Tun Sarorn has spent over 10 years taking care of captive Royal Turtles

Hundreds of thousands of people have heard of the Royal Turtle, Cambodia’s National Reptile, but not many are aware that Ms. Tun Sarorn has spent over 10 years taking caring for and feeding captive Royal Turtles.

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Illegal Electro-fishing Killing Royal Turtle

An adult female Royal Turtle was killed by illegal electro-fishing in the Sre Ambel area last week. The dead turtle, which is over 11 years old and weighs 9kg, was found dead along ​the Kaong River.

New Turtle Hatchlings
Eleven new turtle hatchlings are being reared at the Sre Ambel hatchling centre.
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Improvements to the Sre Ambel Hatchling Centre
The project team has focused on improving facilities at the hatchling centre in 2008
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