Vulture Restaurants

The main threat to vultures in Cambodia is limited food availability, since numbers of large wild ungulate species that constitute the main source of food for vultures are relatively low. A vulture restaurant is the provision of a domestic animal carcass (a cow is the most usual species) to vultures at an appropriate site within their range. Vulture restaurants have been developed at seven sites across Cambodia by the Cambodia Vulture Conservation Project.

This coalition of partners supports the provision of livestock for restaurants and the rangers and monitoring teams that supervise each site. In Preah Vihear province, there are two restaurants: one in Preah Vihear Protected Forest (PVPF); and one in Kulen Promtep Wildlife Sanctuary (KPWS). In Ratanakiri Province, one restaurant is in Lumphat Wildlife Sanctuary. In Stung Treng Province there are two restaurants at Western Siempang and Seasan. In Mondulkiri Province there is one restaurant in Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary. PVPF supports on average the largest numbers of Gyps bengalensis and Sarcogyps calvus and Western Siempang the largest population of G. tenuirostris.

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